Making Learning Even Easier: Announcing the Version 5 Update!

We are delighted to announce an update to the Foosteps2Brilliance Enterprise App that makes learning even easier. With the new version, we have introduced features and enhancements based on requests from teachers, parents, and even kids.


Students can now log in using their Student ID.

These days, students often use their Student ID to do anything from checking out library books to ordering lunch. Now, they can use their Student ID to log into Footsteps2Brilliance, too. On the login screen, children can choose to log in using either their Student ID or their Super Secret Code.

Image of popup when parent or teacher logs in to Footsteps2Brilliance.

Teachers and parents can use their login to get students started.

As an adult, if you do not have your child’s Super Secret Code handy, you can use your own login to get your child started. After you log in, a new popup screen allows you to continue to log in as a teacher/parent or to select a child who will play. Children should always play under their own name, so that reports reflect their unique progress and understanding.


New sequencing game provides fun practice of an abstract skill.

Sequencing is a very important concept for preschool and kindergarten children to learn. When they learn to sequence, children learn to recognize patterns that make their world more understandable and predictable. Children will use sequencing to retell stories and events—and even to learn to read words.  However, sequencing is a very abstract concept, and takes a lot of practice. Fortunately, the new Order Up game gives children ample opportunities to have fun while they learn to sequence.


New patterning game develops early critical thinking skills.

Out of all the mental skills, pattern recognition is said to have the highest correlation with general intelligence. Experts believe the younger a student starts learning to see patterns in their environment, the stronger their future critical thinking skills will be. With the new Pattern Play game in Footsteps2Brilliance, children can have fun practicing the critical skill of identifying and finishing patterns of increasing difficulty.


New video tutorials help teachers, parents, and children get the most out of the program.

The Footsteps2Brilliance books, songs, and games are intentionally designed for open exploration so that children and families can discover endless learning opportunities. In version 5, we have added a growing library of tutorial videos designed to help teachers, parents, and children use the wealth of resources effectively.

In addition to these features, we have added a variety of enhancements designed to make learning even easier. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I love that students can now use their ID number to log in. That saves us teachers some steps.

  2. hola quiero abrir una cuenta para que mis hijos aprendan ingles pero no se como vivimos en londres porfabor me pueden ayudar atenta mente victor espinosa

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