Building Spanish Phonics Skills for Biliteracy

We are excited to announce 27 new books and 161 new games organized into 41 new lessons designed to support Spanish phonics curriculum!

The brand new Fonética: silabas y palabras and Mis libritos fonéticos in Footsteps2Brilliance Central™ offer highly-effective practice for vocales, consonantes, sílabas directas - CV, and sílabas trabadas - CCV. All of the phonics games are automatically scored so that teachers can easily monitor student's Spanish phonics proficiency.

For each letter sound and syllable type, students complete a variety of multisensory activities. Students will practice hearing, seeing, saying, writing and manipulating letters, syllables, and sounds in Spanish.

Teachers can easily assign these lessons and books to support classroom instruction. Reports monitor proficiency and recommend additional practice where needed.

To find this new content, go to Footsteps2Brilliance Central™, then:

Pre-K, Kindergarten, or Grade 1 → Lecciones en español → Fonética: sílabas y palabras

Las Vocales

Practice identifying the Spanish sounds for Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, and Uu.

Consonantes (sílabas directas - CV)

Practice decoding and making Spanish words with CV syllables. For example: da, de, di, do, du.

Sílabas trabadas - CCV

Practice decoding and making Spanish words with CCV syllables. For example: pla, ple, pli, plo, plu.

Mis libritos fonéticos

As an introduction to consonants and CV syllables, students read along and record themselves reading these simple phonics books.

Keep an eye out ... additional Spanish phonics lessons are coming soon!!


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