We’ve Been Amping Up the App Again!

We just released the 6.2 update and we think you’re going to love the enhanced navigation!

New Resources Button for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

New Resources Button for Grown Ups

With all of the resources that we provide for teachers and parents – and new tools coming soon for administrators – our left menu bar was getting crowded. To keep things simple, we are introducing a new Resources Button for educators that will open to Reports, Class Management, Lesson Plans, Flashcard Maker, User Guides, and more. To return to the App, simply click the new Curriculum button to find our extensive collection of books, songs, games, and writing activities that make learning fun!

Quickly Pass Your Device

For teachers and parents, we’ve made it even easier to pass a device to a child. At any time, teachers and parents can simply click “Logout" to select a child and then hand over their device for the child to play.

New Switch User Feature Enables Teachers and Parents to Pass Their Device to a Child
New Resources Button for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators

Writing Right Where You Need It

Introduced last spring, My Journal provides a sophisticated word processor where students can create and publish stories, articles, and reports. Now, we've updated the navigation to make sure that students and teachers don't miss this great tool. You can find My Journal under "My Writing and Project Based Learning" in the Yellow Level and the Blue Level. We also updated the button for Create-A-Book in the Red Level. With this version, every level has writing tools right where you need them!

This update also features game enhancements and other fixes based on feedback from teachers and parents across the country. We hope you enjoy it!

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