Just the Right Pet

For this week's Family Friday, we will set up a game of bingo that is fun for all ages. In Just the Right Pet, children will learn the names of a wide variety of animals. Children will be further acquainted with their new furry friends in a game of bingo. Read our step-by-step guide on how you can play this interactive animal bingo activity with your child at home!

What you need:

Step 1

Open up your Footsteps2Brilliance App, and go to Level 1 (Red). In your library, find the book Just the Right Pet in the ALPS library. Read the book with your child. Be sure to touch the illustrations to see the pictures come alive!

Step 2

Print out the bingo boards and game cards here. Using scissors, cut out the game cards.

Next, decide what you would like to use to mark the spaces. You may use any small collection of household items such as pennies or buttons. For a sweet treat, replace the markers with gummy bears or skittles.

Now you are ready to play!


Step 3

Give each player a bingo board.

Place the game cards in a bag and draw them one at a time.

Each time a game card is drawn, players will find the matching image and word on their board and place a marker on the space.



Step 4

Continue to draw game cards until one player has "Bingo."

The first player to have four markers in a row (across, up and down, or diagonal) is the winner!

You can reset the game to play again and again for endless fun!

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